Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

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Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

Did you know that cockroaches can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes or more? Did you realize that rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter? Household pests are sneaky, which is one reason they can be so hard to get rid of. But if you have pests in your home, you should not have to live your live in fear or inconvenience. A pest control expert can figure out what pests are to blame and then take measures to eliminate them. They'll get rid of those sneaky rats, cranky cockroaches, or crawling ants. Learn more about the methods they use on this website.


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What To Do After Your Home Is Treated For Bed Bugs

If your home is infested with bed bugs, you are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), since the early 2000s, once-rare bed bug infestations are becoming more and more common across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Because many bed bugs have evolved to be resistant to pesticides, a professional must be called in to completely eliminate bed bugs. Here is what you can expect and a few steps you will need to take after your home is professionally treated for bed bugs. Read More 

Top 4 Reasons To Hire Professional Mice Control Services

If your home has a mice infestation, it's imperative to get rid of the problem as fast as you can. Mice are destructive creatures and will chew anything from furniture to clothes, books, curtains, and wire cables. Besides, they're breeding machines, and ignoring them may lead to a large infestation that's nearly impossible to handle.  While there are DIY mice control methods like traps and baits, it's advisable to hire professional mice control services, especially when dealing with a large infestation. Read More 

Reducing The Mosquito Population Of Your Property

A severe mosquito problem can pose significant challenges for your property, in addition to making it unpleasant to be outside. These pests can also carry diseases that can put you at substantial risk. Due to these challenges, mosquito prevention strategies may need to be employed by homeowners. Eliminate Standing Puddles Of Water Standing pools of water can be a major contributing factor to your property's mosquito problem. These pests will use the standing pools of water as breeding grounds. Read More 

Should You Use Professionals for Pest Control? See Why You Should

Pest invasion is not only infuriating, but it's also detrimental to your property. Usually, pests can cause considerable damage to your home, trees, and lawn, causing you to incur huge repair costs later. Some pests such as rodents and houseflies will cause serious contamination, leading to health problems in your family. Sadly, when pests invade your home, you may just want to use traps and chemicals to deal with the problem. Read More 

What Tasks Should Be Included In Your HOA’s Pest Control Contract?

Typically, a homeowner's association will take care of pest control throughout the community. This will be paid for via the dues collected from members. If you are in charge of arranging for pest control through an HOA, one thing to think about is what specific services you want the pest control company to perform. Every community has somewhat different needs, but here are the basic ones you should include, at a minimum. Read More