Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

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Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

Did you know that cockroaches can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes or more? Did you realize that rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter? Household pests are sneaky, which is one reason they can be so hard to get rid of. But if you have pests in your home, you should not have to live your live in fear or inconvenience. A pest control expert can figure out what pests are to blame and then take measures to eliminate them. They'll get rid of those sneaky rats, cranky cockroaches, or crawling ants. Learn more about the methods they use on this website.


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Taking Control Of Rodents In Your Home: What You Should Know

Rodents creep and crawl all around your home, usually undetected, getting into everything in your house. Rodents are messy and disgusting pests that can make your home their and their family's home in just a matter of days. To take control of your home and fight back against these rodents, there are several things you need to know. Read on for helpful tips. 

1. Rodents Aren't That Picky

Rodents don't care that they are eating off of the floor or off of your counter. If they have food that is big enough to satisfy them, which could be the smallest of crumbs or just some grease splatters, they will eat it. They aren't worried that you aren't feeding them off of a plate, they will eat off of the floor in the back dusty corner of your pantry. They will eat through a box to get to the food they want to eat. This is why cleaning thoroughly is important and why you need to put your food in airtight containers if you have seen signs of rodents in your house.

2. Rodents Will Return

If you think getting rid of rodents in a humane manner and letting them go out your front door is going to get rid of them, you're wrong. Rodents can find their way back to your home and can find their way back from up to several miles away. If you want to get rid of them humanely, drive a long way away from your home to let them go. Don't be surprised if they return to your home, so maybe going a non-inhumane way may be the way to go. If you just can't do it this way, hire a pest control company to do this work for you.

3. Rodents Can Get Into Tiny Spaces

Rodents can squeeze themselves into very small spaces. As long as they can fit their head into the space, they can squeeze their bodies through it as well. Repairing your home to prevent rodents is important to prevent a future pest problem, not just rodents but insects as well. Fill in spaces in your walls using steel wool to prevent rodents from being able to chew through it again. Seal foundations and siding using concrete caulk and silicone.

If you are having problems with rodents in your house, use this information to make you more knowledgeable about the rodents and to help you get rid of them. Call a rodent control company to assist you in getting rid of these pests.