Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

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Controlling The Pests So They Don't Control You

Did you know that cockroaches can survive being submerged in water for 30 minutes or more? Did you realize that rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter? Household pests are sneaky, which is one reason they can be so hard to get rid of. But if you have pests in your home, you should not have to live your live in fear or inconvenience. A pest control expert can figure out what pests are to blame and then take measures to eliminate them. They'll get rid of those sneaky rats, cranky cockroaches, or crawling ants. Learn more about the methods they use on this website.


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Get Rid Of Mice With Professional Help To Keep Pests From Coming Back

Eliminating mice in your home is a top priority once the pests move in. However, getting rid of mice isn't as easy as it may seem, especially if you have large numbers of them. Here are a few tips that might help.

Assess The Nature Of The Problem

It's good to understand the infestation before you attempt to remove it and the mice get leery of your traps and bait. You might want to put cornstarch or powder on the floor to check for footprints that allow you to estimate the amount of activity in your kitchen at night.

You could also use a UV flashlight to check for urine stains that glow under the light. You can even buy fluorescent gel or powder that gets on the mice when they touch it. This leaves a glowing trail to their nests and lets you know where the mice go in your home so you can place traps in the most active areas.

Choose Bait Or Traps

If you're dealing with more than just a couple of mice, it's a good idea to work with a pest control expert so you can remove the mice quickly and effectively. An exterminator can choose the right mice removal treatment for your situation. Snap traps might be the best solution if they can be placed where your pets can't get in them. By setting out several traps at once, the exterminator can clear out a large number of mice in just a few days.

Baits might be used in certain situations, but there are a few concerns with using poison bait. For one, the mice might carry the bait elsewhere and your pet might find it and get sick or die. Also, the mice could eat the bait and then die behind a wall and stink up your house.

An exterminator will use bait in a safe way so that no other animals are harmed, though they may decide to use traps instead.

Keep Mice Away

When the mice removal treatment has succeeded at eliminating your pest problem, you want to keep the mice away for good. Do that by sealing your house so mice can't get inside again. You may want to leave a few traps in your attic or other safe places so you can monitor for the pests. You could even try using mice repellents that make your home uninviting.

Peppermint might keep mice from moving in, and it could make your home smell good, too. During the winter when the risk of a mice problem is the highest, you might want to leave cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oil in your attic to discourage mice from moving in.

Contact a mice removal treatment service for more information.